If there is a warranty case, the buyer should contact our online store in any convenient way:write an email message rigshopes@gmail.com, call by phone or WhatsApp messengers, Viber number +34 (602) 34 26 32.

  • The warranty period is 12 months.

In some cases, the warranty does not apply to the components.

Reasons for refusal of warranty service:

  • the presence of damage caused by mechanical and force influences, such as a blow or fall;
  • non-compliance with the rules of storage and operation of the product;
  • accidents and cases of the impact of irresistible forces associated with the forces of nature, for example, flood, fire, earthquake, etc.;
  • detection of attempts to self-repair or with the help of other organizations that are not included in the list of service centers that have permission for this type of activity;
  • wear of parts with a limited period of use, which occurred naturally. We are talking about screws, fans, cable connectors, etc.
  • the use of devices for other purposes with a deviation from the manufacturer's recommendations.

The return of new products can be made by the buyer within 14 days after the purchase. In this case, the transport costs are borne by the buyer.