Riser v009S 16x, PCI-e USB 3.0

riser for connecting video cards for mining in a single pci-e 1x-16x
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  • 1. 4PIN Molex connectors and two 6PIN connectors : they will help provide power independently of the graphics card and reduce the load on the motherboard when using more graphics cards.

    2. 4 solid state capacitors, 60cm USB 3.0 cable, suitable for Windows, for LINUX and MAC.

    3. The location of the power connectors is vertical and horizontal to the USB connector, so everything is easy to install in a few minutes.

    The riser 009S kit version is the latest and best solution for configuring GPU mining hardware.

    Cable length: 0.6 m

    Board size: 130mm x 44mm x 12mm